How To Be Calm And Happy: Advice By Buddhist Teachers #6 (Ayya Khema)



She was born 1923 as the daughter of jewish parents. At the age of 15 she had to leave Germany to England to escape from the threatening deportation through the Nazis.

Later she married, got two children and lived in the USA and Australia. She did several  big journeys around the world. At the age of 56 years she decided to become a nun in Sri Lanka. Later after 50 years she came back to Germany to teach the buddhist Dhamma (it means inter alia the buddhist laws and the ethic).

Khema wrote several books which have been translated in many languages.

She died 1997 in Southern Germany.

Here are some of my favourite quotes of her about happiness and her attitude towards life:

Every day can be regarded as a whole lifespan, since we can only live one day at a time; the past is gone and…

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